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Darcy Norman: Football still lags behind on S&C

DARCY NORMAN, the former Director of Performance at AS Roma, says football still has “a long way to go” with strength and conditioning training.

Complimentary Training

An Interview with Darcy Norman

How A.S. Roma Crafted A Performance Culture [PART I]

AS Roma’s Performance staff takes us through how to create effective workflows for your team by creating a structure and correctly utilizing technology in sports.

After Remarkable Rise, Mohamed Salah Shoulders Egypt's World Cup Hopes

Surprises, by and large, almost never occur at soccer’s highest levels anymore. A coterie of the richest eight European clubs invariably hoards the most important titles…

Darcy Norman Reflects on his First Two Years With A.S. Roma Soccer Club

Darcy Norman is the Director of Performance for Serie A club AS Roma. Prior to his stint with the club, he’s also spent time at Bayern Munich, and won a world cup as the fitness coach for the German National team.

Hamstring Training and Injury Management in Team Sports Episode 2:

A Conversation with Darcy Norman

AS Roma: The optimal 'performance mind set' takes shape off the pitch

For AS Roma, the key to shaping its future is not forgetting its past.

A.S. Roma

Director of Performance - Darcy Norman explains club’s pre-season fitness approach

Germany putting fitness first

UEFA Training Ground meets Darcy Norman from Germany's expert fitness team and finds out the key priorities for players on the international stage.

As a performance specialist and physical therapist at Athletes’ Performance, Darcy Norman, PT, ATC, CSCS, has extensive experience helping athletes improve their cardiovascular fitness and conditioning for sports while reducing aches and pains. Check out his work HERE.